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Minecraft for free

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The Minecraft game is one of the best, highly innovative and captivatingly entertaining video-games to ever hit the marketplace.
Now everyone, from the casual enthusiasts to the most hardcore gaming gurus, can enjoy this award-winning video-game with his or her own free Minecraft account.
Our philosophy is simple: a game this good, no, this great – should be experienced by as many people as possible.
We will show you how to get Minecraft for free on any of the available public servers.
This is not a pitch for a software crack to be played on a dubious crack server; we are talking about legitimate high quality Minecraft free accounts !

Minecraft free


Why it has become so popular

Since it was made available to the public in May 2009, it has become one of the most downloaded and hottest selling video games in the market.
Its simple yet highly engaging gameplay, allow users to enjoy a level of creativity comparable to building with virtual Lego bricks in a digital world of their own creation.
This is coupled with the challenge of thriving and surviving the threats and dangers of this virtual world, a feat that calls for extreme mastery of dozen of elements and complete control over infinite possibilities and outcomes.

free Minecraft



It comes as no surprise then that it has reaped numerous rewards from prestigious and highly respected entities such as the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival.
It has sold more than 11 million copies across a wide variety of platforms, including the Xbox 360, where it has done extremely well.
Free Minecraft has garnered critical acclaim from all sectors. Critics love the creative freedom it allows its players.
At the same time it has received praise for the way it manages to generate complexity from its simple components.
PC Gamer has even name it “the 4th best game to play at work.”

Minecraft free download


Mine-craft has it costs

All this goodness comes at a price, literally. Unfortunately, the approximately $26 cost of the game may be somewhat prohibitive to many, especially kids.
At the same time, many first-time and newbies may balk at the thought of shelling out this significant amount for what is essentially and unproven distraction for them.
The cost is a LIMITING factor that turns MANY people away from what we are certain is a GREAT gaming experience.
The trial/beta version can’t compare to the premium version which deserves to be experienced by everyone.
This is what we believe. In fact, we are passionate enough about our conviction that we are giving everyone the opportunity to play.

Minecraft for free


we offer you something unique

We are convinced that you will be smitten by it’s ingenious style and be taken in by its highly engaging challenges.
You literally will be wanting more! But before you make that investment and shell out good money to support the creators, save your money and try Minecraft for free with us, then you can always donate some money to the creators later if you wish.
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To get started with the game and understand what we, and millions of other avid fans, are talking about, you simply need to download it from our site by completing few social sharing steps.
When you have obtained the game and installed it on your PC or mobile device, you are ready to take your experience to the next level.

Minecraft free

Use these accounts to log in to any public server.
Get a feel for how incredibly fun and fulfilling it is to create your very own virtual world, and how utterly rewarding it can be to overcome constant threats and challenges.
So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and unlock the door to endless hours of incredible gaming experience from one of the best video games of all time.


6 Great Tips on How to Enjoy Minecraft for Free

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Do you really want to play Minecraft for free?

Are you seeking for some unique ways to get into this exciting game without paying for a premium account? If your answer is YES, then you’ve come to the right place. As you read on, you will discover a couple of methods to gain access to a great deal of fun, excitement and adventure. You will also see how to enjoy one of the best avenues for developing your creative ability for free.

play Minecraft for free

But first, let’s highlight some of the reasons why you should consider using the free path

Benefits of Playing Minecraft for Free

* You can easily try it out before paying for a premium account
* It offers you an opportunity to experiment with various game tips and tricks on your own before playing with others
* You can network with other free-game enthusiasts and share tips and tricks
* You may initially save $27.
* You would relish the excitement of breaking the supposedly tight security of the official Minecraft server

Now, let’s look at some cool methods of enjoying this game without paying for it.

1. Download the Demo Version

This is a nice option for a newbie. If you are relatively new to the world of Minecraft, start by getting the demo version. It’s absolutely free. But you need to be aware of some of the limitations in this version. You only have access for five game days. However, you will still have a great deal of fun and adventure if you start with the demo version. Furthermore, you can download the old classic version and play it for as long as you like.

2. Download a Cracked Copy from a File-sharing Site

Some websites offer a simple but effective file sharing service. Several game lovers have uploaded cracked versions of this game to these websites. So you can go to any of the popular file sharing sites and do a quick search. You should however be discerning and take some precautions before downloading any files. Check for user comments and reviews to be sure that you are downloading a functional and virus free installation package.

3. Use a Friend’s Premium Account

If you are a Minecraft fan, you should have at least one nice friend who can allow you to use his or her premium account. This would not cost your friend any extra money but it will save you about $27. However, you should make sure that your friend will not need to play the game at the same time you are playing it. This is important because both of you will not be permitted to login with the same username and password simultaneously.

4. Let a Friend or Close Relative Pay for You

You can easily play for free by getting a loved one to buy a premium account for you. A nice time to do this is around your birthday or a festive season like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can simply tell a generous friend or relative to demonstrate their love for you in a unique way. Ask for a premium Minecraft account. Let them know that this game offers so many personal development benefits and convince them to purchase a premium account and email the login details to you.

5. Use MinerAuth Proxy to Bypass Premium Account Authentication

You can use a proxy server called MinerAuth to sidetrack the normal username and password verification. What MinerAuth basically does is to authenticate an ordinary account so that you can use it just as you can use a premium account. But you will not be permitted to play on the official game servers. To use this method, you need to have a Google account (preferably one that you open strictly for this purpose), an ordinary Minecraft account and a downloaded copy of MinerAuth. You can get detailed instructions on how to use this software and other similar ones from the download page and forums.

6. Visit Minecraft Forums

These forums offer a gold mine of knowledge and information about the game. In addition to the tips, tricks and other useful ideas, you can also get a lot of information on getting a free account by visiting dedicated Minecraft forums. You can get some of the latest information on private servers, code generating software, torrent downloads, authentication proxies etc. You could even get a fellow forum member that will allow you to use his or her premium account without paying a dime.

There you have 6 useful tips on how to play Minecraft for free. All these methods require quite a lot of work from your side.

If you simply GO TO THE TOP of our website, you will be able to download a premium account in Minecraft for free!


The good old Minecraft classic

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Minecraft Classic is the initial or early development version of this game that is unpaid and it preceded the Indev version.

Before being later renamed to Classic, this mode was just referred to as Minecraft 0.0.11a and it was written using the lightweight Java Gaming Library. The developers consider this as a proof of concept.

download minecraft classic for free

In Minecraft Classic version, a player has a limited sized world and access to an unlimited number of building blocks and no material cost is required to build. Breaking structures is also instant. Another very notable feature is the lack a health bar. It uses an outdated liquid physics that makes it easy to flood the entire world with water from just one block of liquid.
The game world in this mode is not limitless, it is made up simple blocks and surrounded by texturedwalls. Saving the game is also not enabled.


This original version runs on several platforms, Windows, OS X and Linux. It can be started via the launcher or played in the browser. Minecraft did not officially state the system specification requirements, the game however does not require much computer resources, the main component it needs is the Java environment. For a smoother play however, a powerful CPU is required, mainly because game involves a unique and instant generation of world during game-play.


The survival mode that is currently in the latest versions of Mine craft was introduced in this stage of development as Survival Test. The test featured a point-based system that allowed players to earn points by killing mobs. The unlimited number of building blocks is also removed in the survival mode of the Classic version, so users have to mine block in order to use them. This test mode was however removed during a website overhaul in December 2010.

minecraft classic


Being the initial version it introduced some of the features present in the current Minecraft (1.0). the features include the Multi-player capability, inventory, caves, the ability of setting the spawning location, mobs, infinite water and colored cloth. It however lacked the following features; crafting, health, day and night cycle, infinite map size, biomes, permadeath, redstone wiring, achievement and statistics, animal breeding, potions and enchantings.


Being the initial installation of this independently developed game, there were some notable glitches during game-play.

One very common is the one that it gave players the ability to raise the level of fluid by placing sand above it,the sand would then stay hanging up in mid-air until a player breaks it.

When broken, the fluid block that corresponded to it would morph itself where the block was and would remain suspended and immobile.
Another glitch is seen when a player moves around the world, the arms and whatever is being carried swing wildly around. These glitches were however corrected in the next installation of the game.

The Classic Version is no longer being updated, however, it can be played from the official website. The developers are maintaining it as it is for historical purposes and will not phase it out completely, they although say that they might just ‘hide it’ in future.


Pocket Edition: Minecraft Cheats and Guide for the iPhone/iPad

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Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS devices is an addictive gameplay that offers endless entertainment on its open world platform.

As the game progresses, things can get a bit challenging most especially when you are serious in completing your achievements. Let us equip you with these easy Minecraft cheats that can help you survive on this popular building game.

minecraft cheats

Getting Unlimited Material

The first thing that you must do is to create a nether land portal. This will be your medium to acquire any unlimited material that you may need. All you have to do is get any kind of material and throw it into the nether portal. Now go inside the portal and retrieve it, then return to the real world. Repeat this procedure whenever you need a new unlimited material.

Three Instant Bookshelves

Here’s an easy trick in acquiring plenty of bookshelves. Instead of just crafting one, craft a bookshelf and then destroy it. You will instantly get three!

Getting a Boost

Have you been noticing a lag on your iOS device? Maximize your gameplay experience by creating a performance boost. Just go to “Options” and turn off “Visual Effects.” This will immediately get you back in play.

Survival: Acquiring Items during Peaceful Mode

Getting items can sometimes be difficult but you won’t have to worry about that since there’s a way for you to get one without having to fight for it. You must first go to “Options” so you can turn on the Peaceful Mode. This will make sure that you won’t have to encounter any monsters that would want to destroy you. Now roam around and pick every item that you can. Return to your home and sleep. Exit game. Go to “Options” again and turn the Peaceful Mode off. Go back where you left off, and you will find that all the items that you have previously grabbed are now in your inventory list.

cheat for free

Pocket Edition: Cool Tips

Minecraft cheats are not just about tricks. It is also about knowing how to play the game as efficiently as possible. Avoid these common mistakes through these simple but helpful tips.
• Solving the disappearing mining items.
There’s only one possible reason why the items disappears during mining. You are not using the right equipment. Mining dirt is the easiest and the most basic. All you have to do is use your hands. However, coals, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, and diamonds are different. Mining them requires the right kind of pickaxes. For coals and iron, you need to use stone pickaxe. For gold, you need to use iron pickaxe. For lapis lazuli and diamonds, you need to use gold pickaxe.
• Creating TNT
You need 5 gunpowder and sand. You can get the gunpowder from a creeper, and you can acquire sand from a riverside or beach.
• TNT Blowup
Unfortunately, you can’t do this in creative mode. This can only be possible in survival mode.
• Finding Gold
Gold is fairly easy to find if you dig deep enough. It is usually located underneath bedrock, about five to fifteen blocks.

cheats for you

Minecraft is an addicting game for both PC and pocket editions. Even adults are enjoying the game. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, get on the wagon now and be one of the many who will find these Minecraft cheats useful.


Want your own Minecraft server?

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There are many Minecraft servers located all over the world with complex configuration.

Monitoring tools and interfaces are put in place to ensure that they are active and healthy. Its possible for individuals to install and configure their your own machine and link it to the existing server network via the web interface by selecting “add servers” tab on the official website.

minecraft servers

The are closely monitored to ensure that they function optimally and serve the customers well. If it goes offline, it will be displayed with a red number. Should the offline line time exceed 14 days, it will be automatically be removed from the list of active gadgets.

The monitoring web interface displays, the details outlined below in a tabular format.

- Server number
-Number of players
-up time
-Last ping activity


All Minecraft servers are continuously and actively monitored checking on efficiency and responsiveness, player history and activity.

If its efficient, then their is a likely hood of attracting more players. The servers are rated by votes submitted by friends and the players on a daily basis. The ratings are available on the status page. The more players you have on your server the better.

The system has a downtime alerts that will let you know the status of running machines and more importantly when they are offline for one reason or another.

Minecraft software is supported by many operating systems platforms such as Linux, mac, windows among others all you need is to locate an download the appropriate installation files.Though the setup process is complex, technical IT professionals find it to be fairly simple and straight forward.

Procedure Setting up your own Minecraft server

Download the required exe (Installation files) from their website. On a windows operating system, extract the files and name the folder with a .jar extenstion. Create a batch file called startserver.bat and place it in the installation folder. This is used to alter the system without having to change the system path.

Verify that the installation is on the root drive, usually c: Kindly note that every operating systems has a different installation procedure. There are several sites on line and videos explaining the stepwise installation procedure.

The specifications for the computer running this program should be high with high memory (RAM) to ensure it operates efficiently and its able to serve many users, otherwise the computer will be slow and less players will use it.

minecraft server

Setting up your own server comes with complex settings such as port forwarding and setting up sophisticated firewall systems to protect you from hackers and other attacks.

During the configuration process, you will be required to enter external IP address to connect to the outside world, and ensure that the necessary ports are open for traffic flow.

A VPN connection can be established between you and your friends and then you will all connect to the server and play the game amongst your selves. However this is a setup for a small number of users, its a simple setup that will save you the headache of complex configurations such as port forwarding and NAT settings.


How does a Minecraft gift code generator work ?

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Absolutely every game that needs unique inputs to offer something has a generator.

The generator software follows an algorithm and creates new random codes, always excluding the ones that have been already used. In order to get free accounts, hackers and programmers around the world have tried to duplicate the Minecraft gift code generator system.

Minecraft gift code generator

We all know how much power and cleverness a good hacker withholds.

He strikes with amazing speed, does capital damage and remains undetected forever ( must remain, as he can only be busted once lol ). But to be able to do all these, he works and prepares for months in his desk, perfecting his action plan, and also developing a very annoying chronic back pain ( karma, everything comes at a cost ).

Why am I telling you this ? Because you must be grateful to the hackers ! Without them, risking their freedom, you won’t be getting free stuff anymore.

The thing is most code generators ( more often referred as KeyGens ) you’ve seen can spam millions of codes, all of them working fine.

Well that’s because it is working offline. As I’ve mentioned before, the software’s script is programmed to accept codes based on some type of operation, and after the algorithm is found, generators can start doing what they do best.

One type of code pattern is : 10 digits, first 4 numbers ( when they are added the sum is always 24 or 17 ) the following 2 letters ( one always uppercase ), and the final 4 numbers again ( 2 numbers must always be the same, but never one next to the other ).

As you can see, patterns can be pretty complex, and compared to the decryption of the programming text, it’s a piece of cake to reveal them.

gift code for free

But with something like the Minecraft gift code generator, things get twice as tricky, firstly because codes won’t work before they were created, and after they were used. In order to keep this kind of unofficial code generator working, you must know how to hide very well, not to get reported ( even if Notch doesn’t really complain, someone can always get a website reported ).

I can’t admit I know exactly what happens in Notch’s servers, but I can surely speculate the process, by using a metaphor. In my brain, it looks very similar with the process of recharging your phone’s SIM card with credit.

The network provider generates the codes, prints them and sells them to stores, and after the code is inserted into a phone, the phone sends feedback telling the generator to forever exclude that code. The only moment when the code can be stolen is between the printing and inserting processes. Today, the timing narrows down even more, as the codes get generated simultaneously with the purchasing.

Although I think that Notch releases more gift codes than people request ( it’s why they’re called that way ), you understand that the chances of hitting a working code on an online platform are very, very low. Still, if you want a free premium account, this could be one of you best shots.

Don’t blame the Minecraft gift code generator for not working the first time. Give it a few tries, and let it run a couple of minutes, then I can guarantee that it will work.


A game full of freedom and creativity

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Talk of blocks and block building then think of a way to use all your fantasy in a world of freedom.

It is an indie sandbox building game full of adventure has really grown to make history as many are now involved with it. If you’re from France, check this site out:

Minecraft gratuit

minecraft for free

Minecraft was started by the programmer “Markus Persson” and later developed then published by someone else known as “Majong”.

Since it was launched a lot of people find it fun to play, this is because of its adventurous nature and the fact that it has a lot more freedom than other games, the whole lot of it includes constructing of buildings using different materials of your choice and as i say it has no restrictions, I basically mean that the avatar playing has the freedom to move anywhere although the blocks may be kind of blocked.

Most people want to get Minecraft for free.

The internet makes it possible to have Minecraft as you can download it using your browser and start playing it. Of course after you have read instruction and understood them of which the instructions come in handy with the game download. This way, you get to have the game though at a price that is almost next to free,because basically it is an online free game.

Use of code generators to gain access to playing the game is also another way of getting Minecraft for free, codes are technologically linked to an account that are password protected and require user names. one needs to enforce the codes into the correct downloaded right version of the game and have to play it for free.

Another cool way of getting Minecraft for free is by creating a Minecraft premium account from the many website that makes it possible. Once you have your free Minecraft account (click here to learn more) then you can easily gain access to playing the game. If you find it more interesting then you can link it to another person whom you think is also going to like it too and you could get your self earning a few pennies in your pocket. You could also try a cracked version out.

be creative for free

So, how exactly do you earn pennies? well if you complete a survey, then you earn some points that could also be inform of cash and his is how the website makes it possible for one to have a Minecraft account, they pay for them with the points they get after completing surveys. After one gets their accounts they could also generate some pennies from them. After ones account has enough points they can choose to redeem and buy things online such as other games, get a voucher to eBay among others.

Minecraft is a kind of a free online game and gives an options of having multiple users especially when playing via an account. It helps on one creativity as it requires thinking, one creates on the basis of his or her imaginations and make it look like something incredible.

You think your creative? DOWNLOAD YOUR ACCOUNT from us then build something based on your imagination!


Virtual Bear Grylls in pixels ? Change your skin in Minecraft for free !

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minecraft skins

I am a big fan of the survivalist Bear Grylls. Even if I know most of his scenes are fake, I still appreciate his courage. Jumping off cliffs and eating raw goat balls takes some … balls !

So I was playing Minecraft and watching the Ultimate Survival show, and this awesome idea came up in my mind to change my character’s skin, and try to make it look like Bear.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to change my character’s skin in Minecraft for free, without owning an account.

First I’ve searched on Google for the original skin template, which was pretty hard to find, due to the fact that people uploaded to many wrong sizes. The original image is a PNG file, with the dimensions of 64 x 32 pixels.

After searching for more than 30 minutes for a stupid image, I got really annoyed by its very small size. I’ve heard that there are some skin creators online, but when I opened the first one I bumped into, it was so slow I couldn’t stand it.

There were a few images of Bear Grylls skins uploaded here and there at that time, but none in the shape of the default template.

Everything was tiring and annoying, so I finally decided to open up the original skin in Microsoft Paint, and do the job myself.

I downloaded a few images of Bear from the web, and even though I suck at drawing, after about one and a half hours of wasting my time, the final result came up pretty well. It was finally time to try and replace the original character texture in Minecraft with my own.

The location of the file is in the roaming folder. To get there, you can either open Start/Run and type %appdata% then go to the .minecraft folder, or select to view your hidden files from the MyComputer’s Folder Options, and go to C:/Users/”YourUserName”/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft.

Next go to the bin folder and open the minecraft.jar file with WinRar. If you don’t have WinRar yet, which is unlikely, you can download it easily from the web. After you open the .jar file, go to the mob folder, and replace the current char.png file with your own char.png file. Of course, here you can find all the other mob textures, so if you feel like editing some and modifying them, you can do so. At this point I realized I have searched like an idiot for the template, as i already had it here.

free minecraft skins

After I saved the archive, I opened Minecraft, and viola !

Bear Grylls appeared in every game. So I opened up Skype and called a couple of friends to tell them that I managed to change my skin in Minecraft for free. Amazed, they asked me to open up a Hamachi server and show them.

When we connected, I was shocked and amused to see they all have the same skin as I do, and they started calling me an idiot for wasting their time, as they couldn’t see the same skin as I did.

Yes, after all the work I’ve done to get the skin working, I missed the fact that they don’t have the same client files as I do. Even if all the other players make the same changes as I did, they will still see only one skin for everyone.

I’m pretty sure that different skins for different players is achievable on pirate servers, but so far I’ve played on none. I know that it is disappointing, but at least now you don’t have to go through the same problems I’ve went through. So far, this is the only way I know of changing your skin in Minecraft for free.

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How to play cracked Minecraft on a private server

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The following guide, shows you the amount of work it requires to play Minecraft for free on a private server. Instead of doing all this work, why don’t you download a free account BY CLICKING HERE

Although it is possible to download Minecraft for free from the official website, not everybody will feel satisfied with only the limited features of the demo. If you don’t feel like buying an account to be able to play online, here is a guide on how to do that without having to pay.

Firstly, you must understand that a cracked version will have some bugs, and it is also limited in one way or another, since you will struggle a bit to achieve the results you want. With a paid account you can simply log in, update, and go for it.

You are here most probably because you want to play on a private server you’ve heard about, or with your friends. Here are the steps you need to follow:

minecraft for free

- Download a Minecraft cracked version.

You can find these on Google or on the torrent websites. If you are planning to play with some friends, you must make sure all of them have the same version as you.

If you are planning to play on a pirate server, I’m sure it has a website with a full set of instructions ( usually you must have the same version as the server does, and they will provide a download link ). To clear any other versions of the game, go to Start/Run/ and type %appdata% then delete the .minecraft folder.

- Download LogMeIn Hamachi.

This software can also be found on Google or torrent websites, it also has a paid version, but you can simply download the unmanaged one from the official website.

There are also some cracked versions of the game that block the application’s access to Notch’s website and connects instead to another one, allowing players to play on pirate servers without a third party software.

Since I never used one of those, I’d say that Hamachi is your best bet to play Minecraft for free. After you install it, power it up by pressing the button indicated by the software, create an account, and then go to Manage/Manage Networks and create a new network. Even if it sounds useless, I recommend using a password.

Your friends must click on Join an existing network, and enter the name and password of the network you have just created. T

he problem with Hamachi is that it can sometimes lag. There is a little circle near the name of each user. If the circle is green, everything is perfect, if not, tell your friends to reconnect, and hopefully that will fix it. It’s also recommended that the one with the most internet bandwidth and speed hosts the server.


- After Hamachi is set up, download the MC server file from the official website.

Sometimes, conflicts may occur when using a very old version of the game with the latest server version. If it happens to you, search for a cracked pack with both the game and server files, and use those instead.

To be honest, I own an account, and before playing with friends, they use it to update their games with the latest patches. This way we avoid any problems. After you download the server, put it in a folder and install it, but don’t run it.

Open the server.proprieties file with Notepad, and change the “online-mode” from true to false, and after the “server-ip=” insert your Hamachi IP ( easy to find, right to the power up button of the software ).

These steps are crucial ! Save the file, and run the server.
- Open Minecraft ( each player should enter a different name at the user section, and no password ) click log in and play offline. Go to multiplayer, and add the Hamachi IP of the server host, and click connect. You are ready to go.

I hope this short guide was helpful, and that you won’t encounter any problems in playing Minecraft for free. After the work mentioned above, you’ve earned your rights. Good luck !


Download Minecraft for free

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When Notch Development AB released the beta version of Minecraft back in 2009, they had no idea that it will become #1 most played sandbox game of all time.

So far, over 9.6 million people have purchased the game, making the five developers famous and rich practically overnight.

Many people are now looking to download Minecraft for free, so let’s cover some aspects of this fact.

Is it worth buying the game ?

To be honest, yes it is. Even though the original Minecraft can be played for free in single-player, no true gamer will be satisfied with it. The primary feature is being able to play online, on a private server, as part of a community.

download minecraft for freeSome servers are pay to play, but most of them are free and rely on player donations.

You can actually create your own server very easy and play with your friends. I used to do this very often with a couple of pals, or more, during holidays.

I have always liked the classic survival mode of this game, played on the hardest difficulty ( hardcore ). Since there is only one life for each player ( players that die are banned from the server until the host resets it ), everyone must be very careful even when they walk, in order not to fall badly of a cliff.

Players can either team up and set a goal, such as dungeon hunting, building a fortress in The Nether and other things, or go free for all and battle with each other. The player who remains alive at the end, wins. Still, there’s no actual prize ( unless you make bets of course ) … so I always tend to dramatically kill myself if I win.

Other features of the bought version include instant updates to the latest version released, other gameplay modes, such as adventure and free-build, and the ability to change your preset character’s skin with a custom one downloaded from the internet or made by you.

minecraft for free

Is there a way to get all the above mentioned features of Minecraft for free ?

Again, my answer is yes. Since the game is built on a Java platform, it can be easily modified by regular autodidact programmers/gamers. In fact, many third party “amator” mods are actually amazing, especially for the servers.

They add features like a monetary system, quests, experience ( also added by Notch lately ), clasees, races, and others. Some servers are now full MMO systems, combined with survival and sandbox.

Since all of that is possible, unlocking the full version features was a child play. Cracked versions of Minecraft can be found easy on Google and torrent websites, but they require manual update, and a third party software named Hamachi to play online, since they cannot connect to the official Minecraft server.

You might also encounter lots of bugs, and will need to reinstall often, but don’t worry. The experience is still pleasant, and even if you’re always late with the new versions, there are plenty to do in the old ones.

Notch hasn’t desperately tried to stop the cracked versions. I guess that satisfied with his already colossal profits, he didn’t want to stop non-paying people from going through the happiness of playing the best sandbox game ever made at full potential.

So since it isn’t ethically wrong to play Minecraft for free ( I don’t think it’s illegal either ), I wouldn’t discourage anyone to do it. Go ahead, have fun, and watch out for the creepers !


Minecraft for free – enjoy this epic fantasy game from 2009

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A game that opens up the creative functions of a player, Minecraft is a highly addictive game cutting across players of all ages. The game is very interactive and gives an individual a great deal of freedom in the various game play options available.

To begin with, the factor that makes Minecraft unique setting it apart from other games is its unparalleled and unique ability to appeal to the player’s imagination coupled with the fact that unlike other games, it gives the player control over the direction that the game takes.

A far cry from other games in that, with it the player can tell personal stories as he/she wishes. In this regard, the player is free to create, destroy, slowly bringing the fantasies of the player to life albeit one brick at a time.

 minecraft for free

The game is about creating and destroying various types of blocks. To begin with the freedom allows players to feel a sense of freedom and ownership wing to the fact that unlike other games where you can simply buy items, with the Survival mode for example, you start from scratch with nothing to your name. In the process of building huts, collecting and constructing food, tools and shelter, the player gets a lot of gratification owing to the sense of fulfillment and ownership that the player feels during game play.

In the end, the game becomes a sort of private recluse, a world created by a player bringing their fantasies to life.

The game has in recent times become very popular. This can be attested by the presence of the game in various game play modes.


This includes among others the Andriod version, an Xbox 360 version in addition to the iOS version and the PC version. Focus is however on the PC version of the game. Played mostly online, the game requires the user to have a Google account in addition to a Minecraft premium account. Therein is the problem. Most versions available are only the Demo versions available for only a limited duration of time. Given the fact that the game has very simple graphics it is very addictive, it leaves the user feeling frustrated once the trial version expires. Borne from this need, there is a way in which the player can play the game for free.

To begin with playing the game online allows the player to play it free. The offline version is available as a demo version.

However, even with the online version of the game, the player requires after a certain period of time to have a premium account.

The way to play Minecraft free of charge is as described below. Visit our homepage, then click on the link to get redirected to our download page: Minecraft for free. In the event that it presents errors, it is advisable to download and install Microsoft.Net framework 4.

One need not worry about playing Minecraft free as the developers already okayed pirate downloads for individuals who could not afford it.